3. Spezial-Rassehunde-Ausstellung Walldürn am 14.7.2018
Golden Retriever
Richter Wayne McGrath, AUS
Veteranenklasse - Rüden


VDH Anw. Dt. VCH
Dt. Jg. Ch.Dt.Ch Club und VDH Pl. Ch
Haydn of the Hellacious Acres, VDH/GRC 10-0525, 20.11.09, 528140000390518
Dewmist Silk Symphony - Philomena of the Hellacious Acres
Z: H. B. van Maren, E: Sven u. Alexandra Budde
A lovely boy which I could see as soon as he entered the ring, a well balanced dog who moved well for his age, strong masculine head, good pigmentation, a little winter nose today, deep chest, good layback of shoulder, short coupled, well turned stifles into short hock, good bone, lovely topline for his age, with almost perfect tailset, coat in good condition and shown well on the day
Baby-Klasse - Rüden
Jewelhope Presidente, SHSB/LOS 757041, 1.2.18, 756093900057183
Rossmix After Rain Comes Sunshine - Bojangels It Must Have Been Love
Z: Brüngger Janine, E: Helga Schaum
an unruly 5 months old, who was a challenge for his handler, but a dog with real promise, pleasing head yet to develope, good pigmentation, good lenght of neck, front and rear angulation stil developing, with chest yet to drop, coat coming on well, when he kept all his feet on the ground he moved well
Golden Island of Love Immortal Guardian, VDH-GRC 18-0061, 28.1.18, 276093400690753
Maybe forever the One and Only - Aida de Ria Vela
Z: Ljiljana Weiß, E: Lisa-Antonia Glaßner
another promising youngster of 5 months, again a pleasant masculine head developing, good pigmentation and earset, not quite the topline, rolling a little over the croup for my liking, stands square, with good turn of stifle for a youngster, coat reasonable for a young dog, moved with some reaching drive, but not as fluide as I would like to see
Jugendklasse - Rüden
VDH Anw. Dt. JCH
Little Violet's Gin Tonic, ÖHZB GR 8078, 16.5.17, 978000040037265
Terra Antyda Sani New Princ of Heart - Little Violet's Quizzy Dizzy
Z: V. Arminger u. K. John, E: Sabine Roedig-Brauch
14 months old, coat in reasonable condition, well handled and presented on the day, outstanding pigmentation, with a well balanced head, good angulation front and back, would prefer a little mor pastern which may come with age, slightly east west in front, but straight behind, chest yet to develope, which may correct his front placement, overall promising dog, moved with purpose and good extention
Champion-Klasse - Rüden


VDH Anw. Dt. CH
Dt. Ch. Club GRC, Dt. Ch. VDH
Ramchaine New York New York, NHSB 2958598, 17.3.14, 528140000567637
Zampanzar Say It Again Shardanell - Velenya Vogue Of Ramchaine
Z: C. T. Ennis van Maren, E: Sven u. Alexandra Budde
a creme boy of good substance, well balanced, very masculine head, a little winternose today, reasonable length of neck, well laid back shoulders, upper arm of equal length to shoulderblade, well sprung ribs with deep chest, nice tight feet, well turned stifle, good short hock, in good coat on the day, would prefer straighter movement in rear end, but overall good movement


VDH Res. Anw. Dt. CH
Iker du Bois de la Rayere, CLP/GR/16189/15, 27.3.13, 250269802228709
Furyo Noroy du Plessy - Dolce Vita du Bois de la Rayere
Z: Bruno Facq, E: Karolina Simunkova
a very masculine dog of 5 years, pleasing head and expression, reasonable length of neck, good flow of neck into topline, level topline with good tailset, good layback of shoulder with equal length upper arm, solid bone, front feet a little east west for my liking, good turn of stifle into well let down hocks, moved with purpose, again a little close in back end, carrying a little extra weight on the day


Djc club& Clubjugendsieger 2014
Gillbryan Hunterdean Leader, NHSB 2953826, 7.5.13
Gillbryan Trivelino - Gillbryan Vanda Mis Joaquin
Z: Mrs Wicklow u. Mrs Lade, E: Rob van der Weiden u. Boll, Conni
a pleasant masculine head with good eyeshape and pigmentaion, lacking pigmentaion on the nose on this day, good shoulder contruction, good flow from neck into shoulder and back, liked this boy's width of second thigh and turn of stifle, coat reasonable on the day, moved with good extention both fore and aft,
Gebrauchshundklasse - Rüden
VDH Anw. Dt. CH
Fiete vom Plixholz, VDH/DRC-G 1231702, 26.7.12
Every-Where-Around-Hugo du Bois de la Rayère - Betty vom Plixholz
Z: Gabriele u. Katharina Velte, E: Claudia Weißner
another quality creme dog, very pleasing expression, good pigmentation, good length of neck, nice flow of neck into topline, well laid back shoulder, good length of upper arm, feet could be a little more catlike, deep rib cage, short in loin, stands square, in good coat on the day, on the move he tends to roll a little over the croup,
Offene Klasse - Rüden
VDH Anw. Dt. CH
Murphy von der Ivangsheide, VDH/GRC 15-0161, 13.4.15, 276098007107749
Ashbyglen Zut Alors - Hummel von der Ivangsheide
Z: Sabine Mergemeier, E: Sabine Grad
a wonderfully presented creme 3 year old, pleasing masculine head, right pigmentation, solid bone for such a young dog, well constructed front assembly, well sprung ribs into deep rib cage, short loin, well turned stifle, creme over coat in excellent condition, good second thigh, level topline, which he held on the move, my only criticism is the close movement behind
VDH Res. Anw. Dt. CH
Golden Dreamstory Everybody's Darling Willi, VDH/GRC 13-0778, 11.11.13, 040098100383936
Stanwell Da-Cabo - Emma du Pays de Boheme
Z: Monika u. Gerhard Kovarik, E: Claudia Kieninger-Zehnder
another quality creme dog, overall balanced, very appealing, well proportioned head, slightly lighter in eye than I prefer, well laid back shoulder, good spring of rib, well boned throughout, level topline with correct tailset, moved out well with good reach and drive, my ony criticism is his front east west placement of his feet, overall presented and handled well today
Cool At Skool van de Beerse Hoeve, NSHB 3011461, 29.6.15, 528140000619903
Larbellah Team Leader - Orange World van de Beerse Hoeve
Z: Mieke Gerritsen, E: Melanie Sondervan u.Mieke Gerritsen
quality youngster, in peak condition, expression slightly spoiled by pink spot on nose, however proportion of the head very correct, good length of neck, with chest prosternum in correct position, very neat tight feet, overall well presented and well handled, I like the way this boy held his topline on the move, his movement was true and purposeful
Brentley of Remy Martin Goldens, NHSB 3035784, 3.3.16
Gillbryan Hunterdean Leader - I'am Terra Antyda Ilyssa
ZuE: Rob van der Weiden
a younger boy yet to fully mature, pleasing head and expression, god front assembly, chest yet to fully drop, good bone with tight feet, coat in good condition, happy boy, he showed this on the move, I'd like to see this boy in 2 year's time, when fully mature
My Magic Man McMurphy of Wooden Bench, VDH/DRC-G 1433834, 25.1.14, 276098104882753
Rossmix After Rain Comes Sunshine - Noel of Remy Martin Goldens
Z: Eveline Simfeld Swadzba, E: Helga Schaum
a gold boy with a wavy coat, he did not want to perform on the day, I liked this boy's pigmentation a perfect bite, coat a little unruly on the day, feet could be trimmed more catlike, on the move he showed little interest an thus he didn't not drive or reach to his full portential, handling and grooming could improve this dog's possibilities
Ramchaine Black Tie, NHSB 3047011, 5.6.16, 528140000655506
Dainty's Man With A Mission - Ramchaine Monkeynut
Z: C. T. Ennis van Maren, E: Sven u. Alexandra Budde
a immature creme boy at 2 years of age, at this age, I would prefer wider muzzle and scull, although this may come with maturity, overall shape in balance, he is very applealing, but again his chest is not fully developed, great level topline and tailset for a young dog, in good overcoat, but lacking undercoat on the day, moved with purpose and happy disposition,
Balu good soul von Klanjamira's Golden, VDH/GRC 15-0074, 17.2.15, 276096909246603
Henry von der Ivangsheide - Raggle-Taggle of the crow valley
Z: Stieber Anja, E: Anja Stieber
what a happy boy, which he displayed on the move, obviously a very biddable dog, for three years of age, still lacking maturity in head and body, chest yet to fully develope, although the balance was eviden, on the stack and on the move, he displayed a sloping topline, pleasing upper coat, however lacking under coat, well presented, well handled
Veteranenklasse - Hündinnen


VDH Anw. Dt. VCH
Dt. Vet. Ch, Slov. Vet. Ch
Elaine from Golden Eyes of Munroe, VDH/DRC-G 0926756, 21.5.09, 276097200958755
Erinderry Night of Delight - Briannah from Golden Eyes of Munroe
Z: Margit Westermann, E: Simone Studer
a creme young 9 year old, correct eyeshape and pigmentation on eye rim and eye colour, but lacking pigmentation on nose, very feminine head, good lenght of neck flowing into a beautiful level topline, great tailset, lack both over and under coat today, but still did not spoil her outline today, trimming of feet could make more catlike appearance, moved very well for her age,
VDH Res. Anw. Dt. VCH
Demoiselle Elsa vom Plixholz, VDH/DRC-G 0825290, 12.5.08, 276096100221950
Matador van de Beerse Hoeve - Betty vom Plixholz
Z: Gabriele Velte, E: Katharina Velte
a longer cast 10 year old, who really did not want to move today, pleasant feminine head, great level topline for her age, tailset was superb, well angled front and back, however loin a little long for my liking, good second thigh , well turned stifle and short hocks, enough coat on the day
Baby-Klasse - Hündinnen
Best Baby
Golden Island of Love Ice Ice Baby, VDH-GRC 18-0066, 28.1.18, 276093400690758
Maybe Forever The One And Only - Aida de Ria Vela
ZuE: Ljiljana Weiß
as this was the first ring experience for this pale well contructed girl, she was unsure, of what to do in the ring, she has a great future with more ring training, as her balance and her outline is stunning for her age, she has a pretty feminine head, good bone, good angulation fore and aft and a coat that is coming on very nicely, when she moved, she gained confidence with her handler, I would love to see this girl in two years time.
18.n. ersch.
Golden Island of Love Homecoming Queen, VDH-GRC 18-0049, 24.1.18, 276093400690749
Golden Island of Love Giotto - Princess of Wales Happy Company
ZuE: Ljiljana Weiß
Jüngstenklasse - Hündinnen
Golden Cottage Mountain Chili Pepper, VDH/GRC 17-0570, 23.10.17, 276093400690558
Sequins Schnozzola - Golden Cottage Mountain Arwen
Z: Ulrike Diegel-Nieland, E: Michael Nieland
a growing young lady, who is in that stage, where she lacks coat and she growing legs, pleasant feminine head, good pigmentation, nice length of neck flowing into a good level topline, moved reasonably well, still learning her craft,
Jugendklasse - Hündinnen
VDH Anw. Dt. JCH
Antoinette Camian's, CLP/GR/19099, 23.5.17, 941000021206334
Noah of the Hellacious Acres - Jako's Treat Me Kindly
ZuE: Karolina Simunkova
a promising young lady, very pleasant feminine head, good balanced throughout her body, pleasing overall shape, well angled for a one year old, creme coat coming through at good texture, good tur of stifle . well let down hock, level topline both on the stack and on the move, moved with purpose, handles and presented well


VDH Res. Anw. Dt. JCH
Landesjugendsiegerin Thüringen 2018
Fanpower April Jolene of Old Ash Avenue, VDH/DRC-G-1738537, 20.4.17, 276098106465929
Daydream Ben of Old Ash Avenue - Little Violet's Mayflower's Jewel
ZuE: Frank u. Ramona Scholz
a mature substancial girl for her age, moved as one with her owner, and obviously gave her best, pleasant feminine head, good eyeshape, lacking a little pigmentation at the nose, good head proportions, length of neck more than adequate, wel structured girl with level topline, good tailset, and luxurious creme coat developing, my one criticism is that she tends to throw one front foot to the side every time she came back to me, this may correct with maturity
Rabitt Mountain's Heart of Gold Yellow, VDH/GRC 17-0172, 16.4.17, 276093400690358
Obsidan of the Morning Valley - Rabitt Mountain's Diamond Rosa
Z: Birgit Jolink, E: Stephan Sonntag
a pretty feminine bitch, pleasing head, good back scull, good length of neck, good eye pigmentation, lacking a pigmentation on the nose, good length of neck flowing into a level topline, however she tends to roll on croup at the moment. balanced front and rear angulation, good reach of thigh, coat coming on, she moved well for a young bitch
Cappuccino&Creme Night Coffee Sweet Toffee, VDH/DRC-G 1739265, 1.10.17, 276093410016664
Fenwood Ell Paco - Cupcake to CC from Misty Veil
Z: Petra Theurer, E: Werner Friedrich
a 9 month old young girl, going through the growth stage, halfway between coats, very pleasing eyeshape with a pleasant head, again a good length of neck, good topline and tailset, lacking a little bone at this stage, but moved quite well with a happy disposition, angulation both fore and aft adequate for her age
Sunrunner Live Laugh Love, DK15527/2017, 19.8.17, dk208250001026267
Dutch Consolidation Songwriter - Sugarboom av Vervik
Z: Anette Nygaard Sörensen, E: Susann Gottschalk
the balance and outline of this girl was something to admire, unfortunately her front was spoiled by the feet turning out badly, this also was eveident when she moved back towards me, everything else I really liked about htis girl, her head, her topline, her angulations, width of second thigh and glamorous coat, I would be hopeful as she matures the feet will straighten
Zwischenklasse - Hündinnen


VDH Anw. Dt. CH
Dt.Jug.Ch.VDH+GRC, VDH-Frühjahrs-Jugends
Cross Meadows Golden Betty, VDH/GRC 16-0860, 30.11.16, 276093400690460
Majik Truth or Dare - Shyra's Golden Fine
ZuE: Gerd u. Sonja Hofmann
a bitch whose shape caught my eye when she entered the ring, moderate all over, nothing over exagurationg, excellent feminine head, balanced angulations front and back, coat coming, moved with purpose and drive, true straight movement coming and going, tight feet, well turned stifle, short hock, my only criticism would be carrying a little extra weight over the loin


VDH Res. Anw. Dt. CH
Madame Bovary du Bois de la Rayere, CLP/GR/18738, 9.10.16, 250268712468534
Iker du Bois de la Rayere - Gold Dust du Bois de la Rayere
Z: Bruno Facq, E: Karolina Simunkova
a solid honeygold bitch of 20 months, lacking a little pigmntation today only on the nose, strong neck into well laid back shoulder, a little short in upper arm, her front legs paralell and well boned, good topline, with good width od second thigh, well let down hocks, well sprung ribs and tight catlike feet, my only criticism would be carrying a little extra weight on the day, her movement was deliberate, although a little converging behind
Golden Island of Love Gracia, VDH-GRC 16-0593, 6.8.16, 900 096000 122550
Capital Kopenhagen Golden Robos - Aida de Ria Vela
ZuE: Ljiljana Weiß
a mature creme bitchwith overall good balance, another very feminine head and good pigmentation, very well angled front and back, adequate length of neck which flowed nicely into a strong topline, good tailset, I liked this girl's ffront assemby with a strong rear assembly to match, coat coming along very nicely, moved with purpose, however a little close behind, I would prefer more of a waistline
Golden Dreamcatchers Finja, VDH/GRC 16-0825, 11.11.16, 900096000120936
Ashbury It's Now-0r-Never - Golden Dreamcatchers Adorable Amelie
Z: Andrea Gompf, E: Christian Kipp
a lightly framed girl with a very feminine head, chest and rib cage yet to develope, overall shape pleasing to the eye, lacking coat today, which took away from her underline, balanced angulations, good bone, good topline, although she rolls a little at croup, movement was deliberate and foot placement acurate, a promising girl
Champion-Klasse - Hündinnen


VDH Anw. Dt. CH
Dt. Ch. GRC+VDH, Danish Ch, Suisse Ch
Tanishtagh Dancing in the Rain, VDH/GRC 17-0295, 9.5.14, 528140000579154
Snowjar's Wellington Dumelow - Sambuca of the Morning Valley
Z: Gloria Blaauwendraat, E: Simone Studer
another quality bitch, moved easy and true, perfect topline, feminine head, expression spoiled a little by lack of pigmentation, well balancced with good angulations, this bitch was hard to fault,


VDH Anw. Dt. CH
Österreich. Champion
Little Violet's One Time Edition, ÖHZB GR 6979, 8.10.13, 040098100382125
Little Violet's Zucchero - Little Violet's Lemongrass
Z: V. Arminger u. K. John, E: Sabine Roedig-Brauch
this girl caught my eye with her, very straight and true happy movement, short coupled, adequate length of neck, good level topline, although a slight roll over the croup, ths was accentuated by her crouching in the stack, overall angulation was good, wide second thigh, with well let down hocks, carrying a little extra weight,
Offene Klasse - Hündinnen
VDH Anw. Dt. CH
Happy Holly vom Rennweg, VDH/GRC 15-0597, 20.9.15, 900096000121226
Catequill Northern Tales - Billie Jean vom Rennweg
Z: M. u. F. Lamwersiek, E: Martina Lamwersiek
very well proportioned girl with correct length of body, good neck into topline, well angled frond and back, tight feet, gave her best in her happy coordinated movement.
VDH Res. Anw. Dt. CH
Melgowd Can't be Tamed, NHSB 3038994, 30.3.16, 941000015180843
Dutchtab van de Beerse Hoeve - Zampanzar zsa zsa zsu
ZuE: Melanie Sondervan
a 2 year old honeygold girl, good pigmentation, nice feminine head, adequate length of neck flowing into a level topline, shorter coupled girl with good angulation and sturdy second thigh, feet tight, adequate coat with good texture, moved well, but tended to roll when moving


Jugendsieger Saarbrücken
Cross Meadows Golden Ayla, VDH/GRC 13-0608, 22.7.13, 276098104515971
Jako's Mystic Touch - Shyra's Golden Fine
ZuE: Gerd u. Sonja Hofmann
another bitch that caught my eye when she came into the ring, although lacking coat, her balance was there to see, slightly longer cast than some of the other girls in this class, she moved out with good reach and drive,excellent topline flowed from feminine head along a good length of neck to an excellent tailset,
Cappuccino&Creme I wanna Dance, VDH/DRC-G 1434434, 7.6.14, 276093410313644
Fenwood Ell Paco - Lacasitos de Atrapasueños
Z: Petra Theurer, E: Werner Friedrich
a mature 4 year old, very pleasing outline, good angulation, feminine head, again her expression is slightly spoiled by lack of pigmentation, overcoat in good condition, strong happy movement,
Melgowd Right in my Soul, ÖHZB GR 7762, 30.3.16, 528140000643085
Dutch Tab v.d. Beerse Hoeve - Zampanzar Zsa Zsa Zsu
Z: Melanie Sondervan, E: Ulrike Raunig
unfortunately this girl has left her coat behind today, just tended to ruin her underline and make her look like she would lack chest and bone, she did posess adequate angulation, which she used ecconomically at the move, good length of neck, level topline, good tailset, lack in pigmentation did tend to detract from her expression,


Landesjugendsiegerin Thüringen
Jillions Best Chance, VDH/GRC13-0082, 9.3.13, 276098104302917
Majik Truth or Dare - Dutch Consoidation Cup of Tea
Z: Claudia Letschert, E: Susann Gottschalk
mature substancial bitch in full coat, strong head, but good pigmentation, adequate length of neck, level topline, very strong thigh and hocks, good angulation, however in balance, I would prefer more height, carrying a little bit extra weight, which did not enhance her movement today,
Golden Dizzy vom Krämerwald, VDH/GRC 14-0873, 22.12.14, 276096907076420
Majik Truth or Dare - Rabitt Mountain's Born to be Wild Rose
Z: Sabine Brüssel, E: Stephan Sonntag
a well proportioned and constructed 3 year old girl, lovely dark pigmentation, and a well propotioned head, good length of neck into a good topline, fornt and rear angulation equally good, which was evident on the move, in good coat, with good texture, overall nice bitch
Belle the beauty von Klanjamira's Golden, VDH/GRC 15-0078, 17.2.15, 276096909246107
Henry von der Ivangsheide - Raggle-Taggle of the crow valley
Z: Stieber Anja, E: Anja Stieber
a short coupled gold girl, who today did not show her best movement, in good gold coat, however I would like to see better trimming in the neck to give her the appearance of more length of neck, I'd like to see a cleaner topline, unfortunately in movement very close at back end
Sevenway End of The Rainbow, VDH/DRC-G 1637523, 30.5.16, 276 095610 198017
Gillbryan Joseph's Dream - Sevenway Chasing Dreams
Z: Petra Haas, E: Ljiljana Weiß
a steady and true mover, who used her well balanced body to full advantage, although lacking some coat, she appeared to have a firm underline, which matched her almost perfect topline, I was impressed with this girl's angulation, which again in movement she used to full advantage, a quality bitch
Eurfryn Zuza, VDH/GRC 15-0319, 23.5.15, 276098106088419
Alibren Romeo - Eurfryn Piccolina Philine
Z: D. Leicht, E: Dominique Leicht
as well as lacking coat today, she did not want to give her best movement, I did like her feminine head with dark pigmentation, and I am sure in full coat her underline would not cut up as much, good turn of stifle, hocks correct length, topline and tailset adrequate
Dolce Compagno bagliore di sole, VDH/DRC-G 1536005, 4.6.15, 276093400593472
Herwildy's Michelangelo - Vive la Vie Bearnice
Z: Sara Nüs Kredenbach, E: Marion Glaßner
a well balanced feminine girl, like others lacking coat on the day, good pigmentation on well proportioned head, topline, lnegth of neck, anguilation, all in enhanced, moved well with handler and was enjoying her day out


n. ersch.
GRC Clubsiegerin 2017, Dt. JCH VDH/GRC
Dutch Consolidation All This, NHSB 3022686, 14.10.15, 528140000620009
Majik Truth or Dare - Dutch Consolidation After All
Z: K. M. Wibbelink, E: Isolde Schrage

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