7. Advents-Ausstellung Cloppenburg am 26.11.2016
Golden Retriever
Richterin Mary Neil, GB (Rüden) u. Frau Gabi Orru, D (Hündinnen)
Champion-Klasse - Rüden
VDH Anw. Dt. CH
Little Violet's Zucchero, VDH/GRC 12-0735, 11.12.10, 040097809044636
Mad About You de Ria Vela - Sequins Speedwell
Z: Arminger u. John, E: Sabine Rödig-Brauch
Top quality, mid gold male, balanced from all angles, loved his breed type, bone and substance, along with his attitude, masculine head, good pigmentation, loved his sweep of neck and correct angled shoulders, dead level topline, short coupled, well-muscled hindquarters, was a joy to watch this dog move, beautifully handled

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