30jähriges Jubiläum Beckum am 16.6.2019
Golden Retriever
Richterin Sandy Lane (Kulawand), UK (Rüden) und Richter Bob Lane (Kulawand), UK (Hündinnen)
Offene Klasse - Hündinnen
VDH Anw. Dt
Pink Robin v.d.Corner Brook, NHSB 3086540, 19.5.17, 528140000684272
Glitters Obsidian Butterfly - Valentina v.d. Corner Brook
Z: Mary-Ann u. Cheryl Wennink, E: Mary-Ann Wennink u. Wennink, Cheryl
a beautiful creme bitch from nose to tail, she is two years of age, beautiful neck and shoulders, has a sweet feminine head and good pigmentation, good return of upper arm, good layback in shoulder, deep chest, short rib, short in the couplings, i love her quarters, straightest of topline and tail set, well let down hocks, moved and covered the ground well with ease, in lovely conditions

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